• TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, nor are they transferable.
• Change date of the ticket FOR ANY REASON generates a penalty and will change the new rate.
• To change the date, you will have to notify the change BEFOR the scheduled date or ticket is totally canceled.

Luggage and changes on Flight Schedule:

• It is the responsibility of each passenger: call the number of the airline one day before the flight to confirm the amount of luggage allowed and to verify any schedule changes in their flight.

Now for any reason Explore Travel will not reimburse any FEE or payment to airlines for baggage or any FEE for changes in flights schedules; the travel agency has no control in CHANGES IN FLIGHT SCHEDULES incurred by the airlines.

Documents required for departure:

• You must arrive at the airport three (3) hours prior to departure for international flights and two (2) hours before flights within the EU
• You must present a recent Federal identification (ID or driver’s license to flights within the EU)
• You must prove your citizenship with any of the following documents on international flights: Passport

Furthermore Explore Travel for any reason is responsible for the immigration requirements; each airline will ask the passenger, as each passenger is responsible for contacting the airline to check current laws.


• Children who are younger than 2 years of age may travel free when sharing a seat with an adult, in any destination MEXICO AND US ONLY. They would only have to pay a FEE, direct to the airline.

It is the responsibility of each passenger on any route to verify the requirements and pay for the FEE for infants or minors so they can travel without having disadvantages of each airline regulations

• In any other route flights, infants will have to pay a percentage of the adult price.

Explore Travel is not responsible and will not refund any passengers or the FEE payment to the airlines for not complying with these procedures.

• Minors traveling unaccompanied by both parents require a notarized letter of permission.

Explore Travel, LLC is just the company that collects the money for air tickets to be given to the airlines, in no way are we the owner of the aircraft, and therefore we are not responsible at all for schedule changes, or recoveries made by airlines at airports or elsewhere outside our offices. Our only responsibility is that each client has its active airfare for the dates originally bought.




By booking a vacation package or an airline ticket with Victory Travel Inc., you acknowledge that in all events Explora Travel, LLC. shall not be liable for any consequential damages and that the sole extent of Victory Travel Inc. liability shall never exceed the amount actually paid by you to Explora Travel, LLC.




Explora Travel located in Seattle, WA and/or its associated companies, agents and representatives act only as an agent for the owners and operators of transportation, accommodations, services, and facilities contracted for you and , therefore, are not to be held responsible for any losses, damages, negligence, or additional expenses caused by delay or other changes in transportation or by sickness, weather, strikes, war quarantine, or to other causes beyond the control of the operator. Explora Travel, LLC assumes no liability of theft, or conveyance. The passage contract, when issue, shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and the purchase of these tours and /or the passenger. All travel documents and required personal identification , as well as compliance with all customs and immigration regulations, is you responsibility. Fares and schedules are subject to change without notice. Payment constitutes consent to all provisions in the General Conditions.




U.S. citizens traveling internationally will be required to show proof of citizenship.
Valid proof of citizenship are:
Valid Passport (valid for six months beyond their travel dates)
Original state issued Birth Certificate with affixed seal and photo ID back-up.
Many countries require entry visas for American travelers. As each country’s visa requirements vary for US or non-US citizens, we highly recommend that you consult with the consulate and/or tourist office of the country or countries you are planning to visit in order to determine their exact requirements. Failure to produce proper citizenship documentation may result in denied boarding. It is sole responsibility of the passengers to obtain visas independently. Explora Travel will no be held liable for trip cancellations or alterations occurring from lack of appropriate travel documents and no refunds will be considered for such instances.







• Cambiar de fecha el boleto por CUALQUIER RAZON genera una penalidad y diferencia de la Tarifa Nueva.
• Para cambios de fecha, nos tiene que avisar del cambio ANTES de la fecha programada o el boleto queda totalmente  cancelado.

Equipaje Y Cambios de Horarios en Vuelos:

• Es la responsabilidad de cada pasajero: llamar al número de la aerolínea un día ANTES del VUELO  para confirmar la cantidad de maletas permitidas Y para verificar CUALQUIER CAMBIO DE HORARIO en su vuelo .

Ya  por ningún motivo Explora Travel  reembolsara cualquier FEE o pago a las aerolíneas por derecho de equipaje  o cualquier FEE por cambios de Vuelos u Horarios ;  La agencia de viajes no tiene NINGUN CONTROL EN LOS CAMBIOS DE HORARIOS DE LOS VUELOS,  efectuados por las aerolíneas.

Documentos requeridos para su Salida:

• Debe llegar al aeropuerto: tres (3) horas antes de la salida para vuelo internacional y dos (2) horas antes vuelo dentro de  los E.U.
• Debe presentar una identificación Federal Reciente (ID o Licencia de Manejar para vuelos dentro de los E.U.)
• Deben comprobar su ciudadanía con cualquiera de los siguientes documentos en Vuelos Internacionales: Pasaporte

Además Explora Travel por ninguna razón es responsable de los requisitos migratorios, que cada aerolínea le solicite al pasajero, ya que  cada pasajero  es responsable de comunicarse con la Aerolínea para verificar las leyes actuales.

Los niños:

• Los niños que tienen menos de 2 años de edad pueden viajar gratis compartiendo un asiento con un adulto, en CUALQUIER DESTINO DE MEXICO Y EE.UU UNICAMENTE. Solo tendrían que pagar un FEE, directo a la aerolínea.

Es responsabilidad de cada pasajero en cualquier ruta verificar los requisitos para pagar este FEE para que los INFANTES o MENORES  puedan viajar sin tener inconvenientes de regulaciones en cada aerolínea.

• En vuelos a cualquier otra ruta, los INFANTES tendrán que pagar un porcentaje del precio del Adulto.
Explora Travel queda fuera de responsabilidad, y no reembolsara a ningún pasajero el FEE o pago efectuado a las aerolíneas, por no  cumplir con estos procedimientos.

• Menores de edad que viajen sin la compañía de ambos padres necesitan una carta de permiso notariada.

Explora Travel, LLC es únicamente la empresa que recolecta el dinero de los boletos aéreos para dárselo a las aerolíneas, de ninguna manera somos los propietarios ni dueños de los Aviones, y por lo mismo no somos responsables en lo absoluto de los cambios de horarios, ni cobros efectuados por las aerolíneas en aeropuertos o en otro lugar fuera de nuestras oficinas.  Nuestra única responsabilidad es que cada cliente tenga su boleto aéreo activo para las fechas que lo compro originalmente.